daCi International

daCi, dance and the Child international is an international non-profit organisation that aims to promote the development of dance for children and young people on a global basis. The internationally known organisation was founded in 1987 at the University of Alberta in Edmonto, Canada. Due to its success daCi has been part of UNESCO’s CID (Conseil International de la Danse) since 1980. DaCi is still growing thanks to members from different countries from all over the world. Dance and the child international is a unique organisation consisting of groups and individual people who share the belief that all children have the right to find a creative way of expressing themselves through dancing. The international daCi conference is held at least every third year. Children and young people, teachers, artists and researchers meet in the name of dance and movement research. The last conference was in Copenhagen, Denmark 2015. daCi’s goals:

  • To enable young people from all over the world to experience dance actively and as spectators.
  • To promote dancing on a social and cultural basis.
  • To support all aspects pf research concerning children and dancing.
  • To find a fix place for dancing in schools, educational systems and leisure time.
  • To improve the collaboration between daCi members on a regional, national and international basis.

Visit www.daci.org for further information.